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Optimizing elderly home business intelligence, manpower management and improve the quality of life of the residents

The Problem

Elderly Homes provide residential care, meals, personal care, regular basic medical and nursing care, and social support for elders who suffer from poor health or physical/mental disabilities with a deficiency in activities of daily living.


There are many challenges to operate elderly homes in terms of manpower, workflow, quality of care, etc. Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck Hong Kong in January, the operation teams are facing more challenges, especially the shortage of professional caregivers. The senior population faces various challenges in improving and maintaining health, and some experience deteriorating cognitive functions, such as memory and communication impairments. Some elders are suffering from the “loneliness epidemic” due to suspended visits by outsiders and residents who are banned from going out.


We are looking at how technology solutions could optimize existing operations to achieve significant business improvements and enhance the quality of life of the residents.


For example, there are community care management software solutions that allow care managers to have immediate access to real time dashboards and reports about the quality of their services. Some companies provide sensor and radio wave technology to monitor motion and detect falls, which also have a two-way communication feature on the device.

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To optimize elderly home business intelligence, manpower management and improve the quality of life of the residents, we are looking for digital technology solutions that can provide elderly home operators with the below features:


  • Applicable to existing elderly home center & operations

  • Applicable during the pandemic & alleviate the impact of caregiver shortage

  • Knowledgeable about the needs of elders and elderly home operations

  • Designed specifically for the elderly group. The needs of this age group differ dramatically from those of millennials or middle-aged people, especially in terms of emotion, hearing, vision, and mobility.


We are looking for:

1. Must have a sustainability impact value
2. Proven technology with results
3. Distinctive tech intellectual property
4. Revenue generated from company’s main technology
5. Intention to expand the business in both Hong Kong and/or mainland China markets



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