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Improving non-inert construction waste management

The Problem

Reuse and recycling could divert construction waste from the waste stream back to the construction cycle. The objective is to achieve better reuse and recycling of non-inert construction waste materials include metal, bamboo, timber, vegetation, packaging waste, workforce lunchboxes and other organic materials. In contrast to public fill, non-inert waste is not suitable for land reclamation and subject to recovery of reusable/ recyclable items, is disposed of at landfills.


Sorting is important to recover non-inert waste for reuse and recycling. To facilitate sorting, a specific area is needed for on-site sorting of waste while suitable containers should be provided to temporarily store. For the purpose of sorting, efficient solutions are needed to optimize the limited & movable space availability at each of the construction sites.


For example, AI-based sorting robots and high-speed robots could be used in a complex waste-sorting environment for maximizing material recovery.

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To improve our efforts in being a sustainable property developer, we are looking for technology solutions that can provide construction waste reuse and recycle & on-site waste sorting solutions with the below features:


  • Reuse and recycling of inner construction waste materials such as metals, concrete etc

  • Efficient solutions to optimize the limited space availability at the construction sites.

  • Movable solutions to adapt to different construction facets


We are looking for:

1. Must have a sustainability impact value
2. Proven technology with results
3. Distinctive tech intellectual property
4. Revenue generated from company’s main technology
5. Intention to expand the business in both Hong Kong and/or mainland China markets



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