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Improving food containers or packaging recycling & reducing pollution

The Problem

The popularity of takeaway food combined with avoidance of eating out due to COVID-19 drove up demand for food containers and packaging recycling. However, many are made of plastic, which is not easily compostable, increasing the burden on landfills and trash processing facilities. Nevertheless, there are many challenges to replacing single-use containers with compostable ones in terms of quality, price, and scalability.


We are looking at how technology solutions could allow the replacement of one-time-use plastic containers and/or improve food containers to recycle.


As examples, some companies manufacture containers made of sea-weed to even edible bioplastic. Not only do these solutions avoid the usage of the heavily polluting plastic, but they also reduce the burden on landfills given their ability to decompose. There are platforms building a global ecosystem for the reuse movement that maintains the convenience and affordability.

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To improve food containers or packaging recycling & eliminate, we are looking for technology solutions that can provide compostable replacements or food containers recycling with the below features:


  • Ability for the containers/ packaging to fully decompose within 180 days

  • Affordable pricing; not more than 30% above conventional containers

  • Containers offering a whole range of sizes and applications

  • Supply of containers is scalable

  • Open to platforms to improve the recycling process


We are looking for:


1. Must have a sustainability impact value
2. Proven technology with results
3. Distinctive tech intellectual property
4. Revenue generated from company’s main technology
5. Intention to expand the business in both Hong Kong and/or mainland China markets



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