Monitoring energy consumption at multiple office premises

The Problem

The drive for data and carbon monitoring is becoming increasingly important in the commercial world. Corporates need to establish a sustainable operation which could generate both social impact (energy saving) and financial impact (cost-saving). However, there are many challenges to installing such systems, especially on a micro-scale.


Offices face various challenges when installing power monitoring devices, requiring substantial changes to current infrastructure, which is particularly tricky with different building types and time to make such changes. Being able to segment the different types of energy draw also poses a problem on its own, thus there are many constraints and considerations to be placed before any systems could be installed.


For example, some companies offer non-invasive electricity monitors that allow monitoring of electricity usage in real-time through an online platform, allowing for information access around the world. Info graphs would also be produced periodically for insights into electricity consumption from within the office.

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To gain insights from office buildings’ power usage, we are looking for digital technology solutions that can provide the below features:


  • A single platform can entirely monitor the data of multiple premises 

  • Real-time monitoring & analysis

  • Real-time alert

  • Comprehensive dashboard with data analytics & cost calculation

  • Provide insights into how to improve electricity consumption

  • Non-invasive and easy to install systems for building tenants

  • Ability to micro-segment energy consumption, such as lighting, air-conditioner, power socket etc


We are looking for:


1. Must have a sustainability impact value
2. Proven technology with results
3. Distinctive tech intellectual property
4. Revenue generated from company’s main technology
5. Intention to expand the business in both Hong Kong and/or mainland China markets



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