Glasses of Water


Finding an economically and physically viable way to treat wastewater generated at construction site into reusable water with potable water quality

The Problem

Water being a precious resource, and significant amount of water is needed in construction. While water shortage is not anticipated in Hong Kong, we are seeking for more practical means to conserve by reusing more water on-site. Used water in construction sites are typically treated for sedimentation, coagulation and disinfection prior to discharge, or being reused for wheel cleaning of trucks before leaving the site area.


To explore more water reuse on-site, we are looking for alternative/ addition water treatment technology solutions that could recycle wastewater meeting potable water quality standard. Known advanced water treatment such as filtration and reverse osmosis would deem too costly to be adopted in construction sites, not to mention the high footprint from energy consumption.

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To enable the reuse of wastewater generated from the construction, we are looking for technology solutions to provide technology to treat wastewater with the below features:


  • A full/ partial system that could replace/ integrate with the existing treatment method in construction sites.

  • A full system to be approximately the size of a container

  • The ability to treat wastewater to meet potable water quality for reuse

  • More economical when compared to reverse osmosis technology or equivalent

  • Lower footprint and energy requirement when compared to reverse osmosis technology or equivalent

  • Solutions tailored for construction sites preferred


Startup Requirements:


  • Must have a sustainability impact value

  • Proven technology with results

  • Distinctive tech intellectual property

  • Revenue generated from company‚Äôs main technology

  • Intention to expand the business in both Hong Kong and/or mainland China markets

  • Startups interested in co-creating intellectual property (IP) with relevant firms

  • Companies with capabilities in 1, or ideally all, solutions



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